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All prices listed are minimums. Complex characters, or requests for extra elements will cost more.Certain extra elements are welcome and cost is minimal or complimentary depending on the piece, such as xrays, or minor cum/no cum alts.


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For a limited time, you can purchase these items for me in exchange for a commission.

Basic Sketch


This is a great way to support me.
This is a basic, low effort, fast sketch. The high cost helps subsidize me pursuing my own projects. I take no art direction on these, other than to specify the character's sexual orientation, gender, and your own preference for nsfw or sfw.


Currently unavailable. This category will return when I have a new ych idea.

complex character designs may cost moresome art direction is allowed, but certain requests will cost more.image will be adjusted to suit the design, colors, and shape of the client's character. character can be any body type any genitals.

simple color 2 char


2 characters interacting, simple colors, no background elements

full render single char


Single Character, fully rendered, with minimal background elements

Character Design

$500 minimum
covers a full consultation and conception, reference diagram, and non commercial license.

Full Illustration

$600 minimum.

This tier is for clients who want a full illustration of their ocs with a completely detailed background.

Send your full pitch with refs in the form, or you can ask me to assist in coming developing an idea for a piece.

Info and Terms

Clients and Topics of Interest

I mainly want clients who are willing to trust me to do what's best to suit the image, and aren't especially particular about controlling the art direction. It is however appropriate to have some basic ideas and preferences to ask for. It is also fine to ask me for some feedback if you want a commission but have no ideas for what to get.

I also mainly want to work on comms that involve my interests, which are as follows

  • human x furry or pokemon (feral or anthro)

  • pokemon (esp the usual furry bait ones)

  • inter species breeding (primarily human x furry)

  • pregnancy

  • woom coom

  • tentacle/monster

  • bondage

  • intimate/romantic stuff

Here are some examples of what I like [I'll have some examples linked eventually]

I won't draw these topics

  • underage

  • scat

  • vomit

  • vore

  • granny kink

  • hyper

  • foot fetish

Service Agreement

I create custom images for individuals, according to directions provided by the customer or according to the creative freedom granted to me by the customer.The customer agrees to the followingTo not distribute or sell the work created for them by me for profit or commercial purposesTo not use the artwork in the minting or association with the minting of any NFT or blockchain ledger based entity.To not print or display the work for profit or commercial purposesThe customer does not own full license to the work.The customer owns the license to distribute the image digitally, for free, on their personal website, social media, and to print the work for private display, or public display, as long as it is for non commercial or non profit useI, the artist, own the license to distribute work I create for the customer to display online for marketing purposes, and to print the work for marketing purposesI, the artist, do not own any license to the characters depicted in the work, only to the work itself


creative freedom terms were originally designed to enable me to work on a large number of easy/low effort commissions.I still prefer clients who open to allowing minor changes to their characters to suit the commission, but this is likely something we'll negotiate before payment is arranged.

Warnings and Refund Policy

If you are unsatisfied with your commission, I cannot help you.
If you arrive at my storefront unaware of what I do, how I draw
and my sensibilities, I cannot help you.
If you expect a specific turnaround time on any given commission, you must not commission me.
Once paid for, this service is non refundable.
If this potential situation is disagreeable to you, do not commission me.

If you do not agree to the above terms and conditions, I do not consent to work for you.

Order Form


I do these in the order I feel like. I have ADHD. If that does not explain things for you, then I can't help you.


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Also, if the site sucks ass and is confusing, then let me know so I can try a different approach.

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