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Full Body Character Sketch

solo char sketch: $20two char "interaction" sketch : $100 minimum

to achieve the minimum price, the client must abide by the following- a head to toe nude ref is required.-the client will offer no directions or suggestions for what to include in the drawing.- no complex clothing or designs will be drawn. most fur patterns will be omitted. most wings will be omitted unless they are very simple and small.-there is no guaranteed turnaround time whatsoever-I recommend that the client give me multiple characters to choose from, especially if the client wants more than one sketch made.

should the client desire to give directions, and have their character drawn in specific poses, outfits, or situations, or with all of the character's fur patterns and features included, the fee will increase according to my discretion on a case by case basis.

other options are currently disabled while I focus on other things.I am still actively taking as many commissions as possible, nevertheless.

Info and Terms

What I will and will not draw

Here's a list of NSFW topics I'm into

  • human x furry or pokemon (feral or anthro)

  • pokemon (esp the usual furry bait ones)

  • inter species breeding (primarily human x furry)

  • pregnancy

  • x-ray shots of womb penetration

  • tentacle/monster

  • bondage

  • intimate/romantic stuff

  • Gore

I won't draw these topics under any circumstances

  • underage

  • scat

  • vomit

  • diaper

These topics cost extra

this is not a comprehensive list

extra cost depends on complexity

  • vore

  • foot fetish

  • TF

  • Inflation

  • Hyper

  • mecha

Client Conduct

I am not liable for the client's failure to read and understand these termsI don't want picky clients. I'm not interested in being art directed too much.In order to keep prices down, customers should expect a large degree of uncertainty about the final outcome and turnaround time on their artwork.I do not tolerate rudeness or an inability to accept a politely worded rejection of service or continued service.

Refund Policy

I do not offer refunds for this service. Once paid, I am under no legal obligation to return your money to you. If this is undesirable to you, do not commission me.


the client gives me permission to alter their character in any way I see fit to make my job easier. I will generally try to stick to their original design, but I may omit or alter certain details, such as complex fur patterns.I will not alter the character's gender presentation, their sexuality, or their body type.These terms are not a guarantee that I will accept any complicated character for a commission.

Service Agreement

The individual who uses the online alias "Calmnivore" is hereby referred to as the artist.Individuals seeking the services of the artist are hereby referred to as clients.the artist creates private use, non commercial custom images for individual clients, according to directions provided by the client or according to the creative freedom granted to me by the client.The client agrees to the followingThe artist is not liable for any dissatisfaction the customer experiences due to the customer's failure to read and understand the instructions on this website.To not distribute or sell the work created for them by the artist for profit or commercial purposes without written agreement by the artist.To not use the artwork in the minting or association with the minting of any NFT or blockchain ledger based entity.To not print or display the work for profit or commercial purposesThe customer does not own full license to the work.The customer owns the license to distribute the image digitally, for free, on their personal website, social media, and to print the work for private display, or public display, as long as it is for non commercial or non profit useI, the artist, own the license to distribute work I create for the customer to display online for marketing purposes, and to print the work for marketing purposesI, the artist, do not own any license to the characters depicted in the work, only to the work itself

Order Form

Did you read terms?
Did you check queue?
Do these things before sending a form.
Otherwise, use this form to order a commission or ask questions.
I will never use discord or twitter dms to conduct business.

  • If you don't hear from me within 24 hours, check your spam.

  • After I receive your submission, I'll review your reference and notes.

  • If I accept the commission, I'll reply with a payment link

  • If I don't accept your commission, I'll reply informing you that I am not interested.

  • Payments are processed through stripe payment link. I do not use paypal.

  • If you want to leave a tip, you can use ko-fi



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Submission Successful!
If you don't hear back within 24 hours, check your spam.
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Submission Failed

Full color

solo: $150 minimum
two char interaction: $300 minimum

requires 1 head to toe refrequires some client input on what to draw (can be general or specific)

hover to unblur nsfw image

hover to unblur nsfw image

Sketch Page

character doing solo stuff: $160
two char interaction included: $300 minimum

requires 1 head to toe refrequires some client input on what to draw (can be general or specific)