Price Options

creative freedom sketch

formerly named gachapon!


This is an extremely cheap option meant to get me through tough times. This price point requires a lot of rules, so please read these carefully.

  • These sketches vary wildly in quality and direction.

  • I do not accept directions on these whatsoever. Just leave the notes section blank except for links to reference images. If you want control over the pose and situation, consider the client control sketch option. (I do not change a character's design, body type, genitals, or sexuality, it is up to you to cover the relevant details in your references and notes)

  • You need a full head to toe reference. I am not going to design a character from description or stitch one together from various images.

  • No complex clothing or designs will be drawn. most fur patterns will be omitted. most wings will be omitted unless they are very simple and small.

  • There is no guaranteed turnaround time whatsoever

  • I recommend that the client give me multiple characters to choose from, especially if the client wants more than one sketch made

  • If you want more than 3 at a time, you can't! Get a higher tier.

Client Control Sketch

solo - $60 minimum

two figures interacting - $120 minimum

A sketch where you get to control what I draw. What you want drawn will affect the price.This requires discussion. Please send me your refs and your pitch.This price covers floating hands/dicks, minor alts and extras like x ray shots.

The quality of sketch is the same as the examples shown for creative freedom sketches. At base price, you are paying for control over the outcome. Creative Freedom price is possible due to restrictions on the client, but the quality of my work is worth more than that.
I'm still working on a proper example set for this tier.

Sketch With Flat Colors

solo - $100 minimum

two figures interacting - $200 minimum

same rules as client control sketch.

character complexity affects final price


solo - $200 minimum

two figures interacting - $400 minimum

send refs and a pitch or ask me to work with you on an idea.

character complexity affects final price


Service Agreement

The individual who uses the online alias "Calmnivore" is hereby referred to as the artist.Individuals seeking the services of the artist are hereby referred to as clients.The artist creates private use, non commercial custom images for individual clients, according to directions provided by the client or according to the creative freedom granted to me by the client.The client agrees to the followingThe artist is not liable for any dissatisfaction the customer experiences due to the customer's failure to read and understand the instructions on this website.To not distribute or sell the work created for them by the artist for profit or commercial purposes without written agreement by the artist.To not use the artwork in the minting or association with the minting of any NFT or blockchain ledger based entity.To not print or display the work for profit or commercial purposesThe customer does not own full license to the work.The customer owns the license to distribute the image digitally, for free, on their personal website, social media, and to print the work for private display, or public display, as long as it is for non commercial or non profit useI, the artist, own the license to distribute work I create for the customer to display online for marketing purposes, and to print the work for marketing purposesI, the artist, do not own any license to the characters depicted in the work, only to the work itself

Refund Policy

I do not offer refunds for this service. Once paid, I am under no legal obligation to return your money to you. If this situation sounds undesirable to you, DO NOT commission me.


This part gives me some elbow room, but frankly I don't think I've ever changed a design other than to give characters extra accessories, or to omit details that make the minimum price nonviable for a particular design.The client gives me permission to alter their character in any way I see fit to make my job easier. I will generally try to stick to their original design, but I may omit or alter certain details, such as complex fur patterns.I will not alter the character's gender presentation, their sexuality, or their body type.These terms are not a guarantee that I will accept any complicated character for a commission.


This stuff is hard to communicate so I'll be tweaking this over time. If you feel like this section is unclear or hard to understand, let me know!

As an ADHD sufferer, I am motivated almost exclusively by my special interests, and getting paid more really doesn't make up the difference for stuff I don't want to draw. Therefore I'm trying to cultivate a client base that is into the same things I'm into! I want to draw the things I'm especially interested in to make my job easier and so I can produce work more efficiently.Don't take any of this as an insult to your own preferences (or else!)

Things I'm not interested in drawing

I may accept a submission to draw these but they may also be substantially more expensive.

  • Final Fantasy XIV characters

  • characters with very defined muscles (tons of work)

  • characters with MASSIVE breasts, hips, thighs, dicks, balls (or any combination thereof)

  • vore

  • foot fetish

Things I'm Particularly interested in drawing

I feel like it's best to just look at my twitter media or my color gallery to get the idea, or feel free to just ask me! I hope to have a better list eventually, but an incomplete list is as follows. I'm always in the mood for these!

  • gardevoir

  • sneasel

  • renamon

  • womb penetration + see thru/xray

  • pregnancy

  • cross breeding

  • same sex pairings with contrasting body types

  • human male x anthro female

  • tentacles

  • bondage

  • size difference

  • oviposition

  • kissing

  • lactation

If it's not on this list, I either forgot, or I like it just fine, or I'm neutral on it! I'm not going to engage with anyone who wants to make this into a problem.

I won't draw these topics under any circumstances

  • underage

  • scat

  • vomit

  • diaper

Order Form

I prefer to keep business over email, and I will insist that you make a duplicate of your request via order form if you make inquiries on twitter, but you can dm me on twitter if you have questions

  • you will get an email reply from me within 24 hours about whether or not I accept your commission.

  • If you do not hear from me within 24 hours, check your spam.

ATM I offer Stripe, Zelle, and Cashapp. You can select your preference in the dropdown.
You don't need to sign up for stripe, you only need a debit or credit card. It works in a lot of countries. Here's the list if you'd like. You do need an account for the other two.


under construction. the below image is mainly a placeholder.


Things that people actually ask me a lot!

Are you open for commissions?


Can we chat on discord or twitter dms about a commission?

I'm sorry but these platforms might be very convenient for you to ask questions, but they make it a massive headache to keep track of commission details. I really do require you to send in a pitch via email.

When can I expect my commission to be done?

I wish I could promise you a deadline! I have tried in the past but I only end up disappointing people that way. I might take a while but I WILL finish your commission!

Aren't you charging way too little for your sketches?

I think my system works! I have more expensive options that I think also reflect the worth of my work.

Your color work is so much more expensive than your sketches, why?

The sketches follow a strategy. Color work is more chaotic and unpredictable, and requires a much greater amount of mental/emotional investment. I think the price reflects what I'm worth!

Submission Successful!
If you don't hear back within 24 hours, check your spam.
make sure to add to a filter or your contacts to keep it from going to spam.
use ko-fi to leave a tip

Submission Failed

Sketch Page

character doing solo stuff: $200 minimum
two char interaction included: $300 minimum

Includes 3-4 figures with one or two bust shots as a baseline, but you can negotiate something different.

I'm only going to accept work that I'm interested in. Visit the preferences section linked above to learn more about that.This price covers floating hands/dicks, minor alts and extras like x ray shots.


no extra charge for non x-ray eggnant alt

add $50 for eggnant x-ray alt

Any body type
Any gender presentation
anything shown can be altered within reason (bondage gear, tentacle color, expression, remove x-ray, remove belly bulge etc.)
first two accepted submissions to be completed ASAP already taken